Normally, if you want to build the most cost-effective house, you need to use cheap materials and unprofessional construction contractors; It is also difficult to have a beautiful house with guaranteed quality while still reducing costs. However, difficult does not mean impossible.
Building a house will certainly cost a small amount of money, but there are still many ways to save money. By making the right plan, making smart and thoughtful decisions, you can build your dream home within your budget.

Here are 5 cost-saving experiences to build a house that you can refer to and apply.

Choose land that is easy to construct and build
Most people have land available before building a house. However, in case you do not have available land, consider carefully to choose a land that is easy to construct and build. A piece of land that is considered favorable for building a house is not only in a convenient traffic location, with full legal documents, but also in its soil and geological characteristics.

Choose an empty, flat, square, good ground that allows you to reduce the cost of dismantling and leveling, easily utilize the design space, and significantly reduce the cost of building the foundation.

Better yet, consult with geologists who are knowledgeable about the land you are about to buy to avoid buying clay, mushy, sandy soils, weak strata, areas prone to subsidence, landslides, near groundwater, prone to flooding… Because when building houses on these soils, homeowners are required to strengthen the foundation thoroughly and expensively to ensure the certainty of the work. On the other hand, when building a house, you should take into account the needs that arise later so that when you build more floors and rooms, you don't have to redo the foundation.

Besides, it is necessary to find out the drainage system in that area. If you already have a drainage system, you will save significantly on the cost of making sewers and pipes.

Choose a cost-effective home design
Cost-effective home design is different from cheap home design. What we want to mention here is that it is necessary to consider the appropriate house design, sufficient area, reasonable number of floors, simple style but still exude sophistication.

Standard size design, the more detailed, the better

Many years ago, home design drawings were less appreciated. Even many investors still build houses without drawings. However, now everything has changed. Detailed, clear design drawings not only help homeowners easily visualize the shape of the future house, but also help them save significantly on costs thanks to:

Help construction crews faster and easier, avoiding unnecessary errors that lead to demolition, loss of time, labor, materials, and costs.
Help homeowners easily calculate and choose suitable materials.
So take the time to talk to the architects about the design. If hiring a feng shui expert, let the architect and feng shui expert work directly with each other to avoid having to modify the design during construction.

Build a cost-effective house by stacking floors

Building a house that is wide horizontally will cost more for the roof and foundation. Therefore, if you want to have more functional space, a cost-effective way to make a house is to add more floors. For a standard family, a house with 2-3 floors is a reasonable choice.

Choose a simple style

Choosing the right home design style is also a cost-effective home-building experience that many people apply. Usually, the classic style will cost a lot of labor and construction time because there are too many moldings, patterns and classic furniture. Therefore, the modern, minimalist style has become an architectural trend in recent years. A simple house does not mean that it is not beautiful or less luxurious, but it still helps homeowners save significantly on finishing costs.